Website redevelopment.

Nothing stays the same forever.

Watch this space to see the transformation of our website which will aim to firstly show you how we can help our customers, and secondly, demonstrate how not only our site, but your, can be updated with minimal effort and minimal disruption to your everyday work.

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Where we help

At accross business we aim to help in three major areas of business support.

  1. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Compliance
  2. Business Process Automation
  3. Management,Strategy and Structures

Our Principal, Kieran May, is a Registered BAS Agent and experienced business owner and buisness manager with extensive real work experience. That experience cannot be underestimated in the value he brings to the table.

We work at a professional level. We also work at the frontline where we can directly impact the day to day support functions every business needs.

All professional relationships are important and we will work alongside existing advisers or our preferred referral partners to make sure existing networks are maintained and gaps can be filled in the best interest of the customer.

The approach we take is structure. It will always be mindful of cost, revenue and efficiencies.

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about us

We are business professionals who have developed an extensive knowledge and a strong network of fellow professionals across many business groups. We can work with you and your business.

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how we work

It is simple and effective.
No trumpets, no fanfare, no big noise. At our first no cost meeting, we work with you to identify an area where we can add value to the bottom line of your business.

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what we offer

We add value to your business.
Your business benefits through a mix of practical management solutions and selected technolgy. We help to increase your profit or improve your lifestyle.

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