How We Work

We are a dynamic team with personalities to compliment you and your team. We strive to understand you and your business. We prefer to work together with our clients in a personal relationship built on trust and mutual benefit.

The focus solely on success or solely on the process can muddy the waters. That can lead to strategies and decisions which with hindsight are shown to be based only on the present. Too often they are found to be ineffective.

We work with you to ask the right questions and help you find the answers that will help you succeed. We have gathered a network of talented professionals to compliment the considerable skills of the Accross Business team.

Our aim is to develop a relationship with our clients to ensure that we understand what they are looking to achieve, and to help them to understand that our focus is on them and their business — not ours. Our belief is that our success will only follow the success of our clients. In fact our philosophy extends wider. Our whole focus is to ensure that if we cannot help to achieve a better bottom line or a lifestyle improvement for our client, we would prefer to allow the opportunity to pass.

That trust and mutual benefit cannot be negotiated. Relationships are vitally important and we believe they must be nurtured and allowed to develop over time.

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What We Offer

Our strength is our knowledge. This knowledge comes from a lifetime in the business arena. It gives us the confidence to know what we know.

We offer a range of innovative and problem solving products. Many are traditional and many are cutting edge. We have brought them together so that you can benefit.

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We fill the gaps in your skillset. Our clients are skilled in what they do and are looking for support to help them to achieve the next level of success. Our services are comprehensive and aimed to bridge the gap between you and your high cost professional lawyers, accountants and the like, as well to take advantage of our extensive network of contacts in all areas of the supply chain. We are the employee you would have if you could afford to employ a specialist in every field.

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We let you do what you do best. We understand that you have a passion borne out of your wish to do what you love or to do what you do well. Sometimes you are simply time poor or lack the necessary depth of knowledge to do it well. We understand also that some tasks are a chore. Whatever your motivation or regardless of your circumstances, we do what you can't.

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The team at Accross Business is independent. They are professional. They have much to offer. Their agenda is set by what works for their clients and their own needs.

When you work with Accross Business, you become a part of a wider team of like minded individuals who prefer to work outside of the constraints of a large corporate entity, but who value the benefit of shared resources. You will value the sense of belonging that comes with being a part of something important in the wider business community.

If you are currently working as an independent contractor or you are considering a change in career and lifestyle, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss how you and Accross Business can benefit. Email us today to arrange to have a confidential conversation.